MM-500 Drum


MM-500 is a multipurpose admixture which can be used for any type of concrete construction. MM-500 is mainly composed of an emulsifier which also acts as a surfactant and has a masking effect on cement. MM-500 is capable of grafting emulsified plasticizers, monomer of salts, esters of fatty acids, and oils derived from glycerides of animals, plants and synthetic sources to form a stable emulsion (immiscible liquid in liquid), and suspension (solid in liquid) a chemical dispersion medium. On aging, polymerization takes place and molecules are linked up to form a more complex product with properties needed for an ideal admixture.

MM-500, by passing through a cementitious reaction process, the molecules find their space and deposits in between capillaries and vacant pores. MM-500 enables concrete longevity and durability. MM-500 is water base, milky-white in color, physically liquid to viscous in appearance and is non-flammable, non-hazardous and eco-friendly.



  • Water proofing agent (either direction - negative or positive).
  • Provides excellent resistance to air & waterborne corrosive chemicals.
  • Damp proofing agent.
  • Significantly reduces permeability hence increases durability.
  • Protects moisture transmission by creating polymer membrane.
  • Anti-oxidant: Protects rebar against corrosion.
  • Allows perfect compaction (no segregation due to excessive vibration).
  • Allows concrete to gain maximum density with high performance (HPC).
  • Reduces honeycomb, porosity & hairline cracks.
  • Reduces concrete shrinkage and cracking.
  • Anti-salinity and Sulphur resistant.
  • Halts the permanent carbonation process and leaching of sodium.
  • Anti-corrosion: permanently protects and stops internal aging and decay.
  • Allows monolithic bonding of blocks in new and old joints of concrete.
  • Achieves a linear polymerization between noodles & lumps of concrete mass.
  • Super plasticizer & concrete lubricant for a better slump.
  • Significantly reduces water-cement ratio with high workability.
  • Partial auto curer.
  • Exceptionally holds temperature.
  • Allows easy release of formwork. Reduces air bubbles of concrete ensuring permanent smooth surfaces.
  • Reduces cost of maintenance and repairs.

Recommended Usage

Use MM-500 to provide permanent protection for all concrete such as:

  • RCC Roads - Highways, Bridges and Dams.
  • Water treatment plant (WTP), effluent treatment plant (ETP), sewage, and manholes.
  • Storm surge barriers, docks, levees, jetty & dikes for diversion of rising sea water.
  • Multi-structures and Airport runways.
  • Concrete homes including basements, foundations, swimming pools, water reservoir, decks, bathrooms, garages, rooftop & exteriors.
  • Sub-structure & Below-grade parking structures, basements, elevator pits and foundations of high-rise tower.
  • Recreational facilities; such as, aquatic centers, aquariums, zoos, water parks and marinas.
  • Architectural water features; such as, fountains and waterfalls.
  • Traffic tunnels, below-grade pipelines, and subway tunnels.



250 ml with 110 LBS of Cement


250 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*

Ready-mix Concrete

0.5% - 0.6% of Cement weight

Cement Mortar

250 ml to 400 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*


250 ml to 300 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*


250 ml to 300 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*

Water Tank

300 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*

Swimming Pool

300 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*


250 ml to 300 ml with 110 LBS of Cement*


As per MMCL’s Recommendations Consultations.

* Depending on application/condition